Thursday, October 27th  4-11pm

Philly Cider Week: Rediscover a Whole New World

Featuring ciders from: Gurutzeta, Shacksbury, and Ploughman

Join us on Thursday, October 27th as we rediscover the beauty of traditional dry cider making techniques through a tour of three of our favorites of today, each with its own unique expression of the savory side of the apple. We’ll be pouring Gurutzeta Sagardoa – a rustic, traditional Basque cider, Shacksbury Bon Voyage – featuring foraged wild apples from Vermont fermented with native yeasts, and Ploughman Muhibbah – naturally fermented apples from Adams County, PA spiced with makrut lime leaves, star anise, cumin and coriander to celebrate the values of tolerance, understanding, and friendship across diversity. Chef Mark Regan has prepared a special menu of savory bites to pair with each of these as well. Featuring parings of Vegan Tofu Sate, Beef Tartare, and Brussels Sprouts Carbonara, your senses are sure to be surprised and delighted by this fresh look at tradition, and the wonders of the humble apple, taking us on a terroir journey like no other!


6% From the Basque country- rustic, funky & earthy. Sidrería Gurutzeta is located in Astigarraga, the heart of the cider tradition in Spanish Basque Country, just south of the seaside town of San Sebastian on the Bay of Biscay


6.15%. Foraged apples, native yeasts, natural fermentation Part of the Lost Apple Project – Shacksbury forages for the feral, wild, or otherwise forgotten fruit of rural Vermont The tannins and flavors – rare in most commercially grown fruit – to ferment into full-bodied, dry, and food-friendly hard cider


8%. Muhibbah is a Malay word meaning cross-cultural harmony. It is also our dry cider made with makrut lime leaves, star anise, cumin and coriander creating a drink that we hope embodies the values of tolerance, understanding, and friendship