Lunch & Dinner Menu

Oysters | 2.5 ea
rhubarb mignonette

VG Deviled Eggs | 2 ea
horseradish, Lancaster smoked
cheddar, & gherkin

Rineer Farms Beef Tartare | 9
local grass fed beef, oyster mayo, horseradish, crispy shallots, gherkin, toasted baguette

Lamb Picadillo Empanadas | 4 ea
romesco sauce

VG Broccoli & Potato Empanadas | 4ea
with chive sour cream

V North Carolina BBQ Chips | 3

Maple Bacon Peanuts | 5

V French Fries | 5
house made ketchup

V Assorted Pickles | 3

Salt & Vinegar Fries | 6

VG Frisee Salad | 7
Calabrian long hots, roasted radishes, Black River blue cheese, charred onion vinaigrette

Rhode Island Mussels | 11
Kenzinger, Tasso ham, corn, cherry tomatoes & pickled Tabasco peppers

Local Charred Ramps | 10
fried local duck egg, brown butter with lemon, pecorino

VG Mac & Cheese | 7
add bacon | 2
add pickled jalapeno | 1

Wings | 11
DRY RUB- salt & vinegar or chipotle lime
SAUCEY- spicy peanut, pickled Thai chilies or South Carolina BBQ

Wild Boar Tacos | 11
guacamole, cojita, red onion

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich | 15

Rineer Farms chicken tender, pickles, onion, ranch

Shepard's Pie | 15
lamb, cheddar-horseradish mash, garlic bread

VG Housemade Black Pepper Gnocchi | 14
local asparagus, lemon & ricotta

VG SPTR Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese | 11
cup tomato lager soup

Rineer Family Farms Burger | 15
grass-fed beef, smoked cheddar, lto, secret sauce
served rare, medium or well-done

add bacon | 2

VG Fried PB&J | 7

SPTR Skillet Brownie | 7
beer whipped cream, caramel sauce

 All of our meats are hormone and antibiotic free, all of our fish is sustainable, and all of our ingredients are sourced locally when possible.

V: Vegan
VG: Vegetarian