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On Tap

Tonewood Fuego IPA 6.2% | $7.50 16oz
Aromas of grapefruit & mango- earthy, floral, & resinous

Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale 5.2% | $7 16oz
Dank, aromatic hops & easy citrus

Hermit Thrush Apricot Sour Ale 5.9% | $8 9oz
Fruited kettle sour fermented w/ native wild yeast

Hof Ten Dormaal Kriek Cherry Sour Ale 2018 6.5% | $10 8oz
Barrel aged spontaneously fermented Belgian farmhouse ale with cherries

Second District Big Bancroft Imperial Pale Ale 7.6% | $8 Pint
Pungent notes of blueberry, tropical fruit, and fragrant citrus

Thin Man Pills Mafia Pilsner 4.9% | $7 Pint
German style- crisp, clean, & crushable

Tired Hands Antenna Farmhouse Wit 4.8% | $7 Pint
Brewed w/ raw wheat, orange peel, & coriander- fermented in oak & slightly tart

Trve Cosmic Crypt Saison 5.6% | $7 Pint
Refreshing & quenching Belgian style farmhouse pale ale

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Cans & Bottles

Brix City Acoustic Jams DIPA 8% | 11 16oz Can
Brewed with flaked oats + wheat- DDH w/Citra, Mosaic, & El Dorado. Zero IBUs!

Tired Hands Alien Church IPA 7% | 10 16oz Can
Very alive & pungent & bright. Notes of mandarin orange, floral lychee, peach push pop, and musky guava

Tired Hands The Tree From Which The Yolk Dripped DIPA 8.5% | 13 16oz Can
The Tree from which the Yolk Dripped is our Riwaka, Citra & Simcoe Double IPA built on a sturdy Double IPA base containing oats & spelt. Fermented with our expressive house Ale strain, and heavily dry hopped with Riwaka from our New Zealand selections, as well as Citra and Simcoe from our US selections.

Tonewood Double Improv DIPA 8% | 10 16oz Can
When the grain delivery gets delayed in a snow storm, and you want to brew a DIPA anyway, you could end up with a fantastic improvisation of artistry and science. It’s all in the notes you don’t hear.

Great Notion Fruit Monster Sour 6% | 13 16oz Can
Soft & tart- intense tropical flavors of pineapple & passionfruit (contains lactose)

Humble Forager Voyager’s Getaway Imperial Pastry Porter 13% | 13 12oz Can
A well-built structure of specialty malts floats atop a bed of flavors reminiscent of vanilla cream-filled chocolate cake, covered with marshmallows and coconut. Coconut from Indonesia, vanilla from Papua New Guinea, and cocoa nibs from Uganda will ripple across your palate from this imperial pastry porter

Tired Hands Modern Gulpie American Lager 4% | 6 12oz Can
Notes of fresh dough, mineral water, light honey, and Springtime herb garden

Upper Pass Little Farmhouse Saison 5% | 9.5 16oz Can
‘With a light and crackly carbonation, a simple grain bill, expressive old-world yeast character and a conservative use of Grungeist and Saaz hops, Little Farmhouse is a traditional saison brewed with drinkability in mind

Sterling Pig The Snuffler IPA 6.5% | $6 12oz Can
Easy drinking IPA with hoppy notes of citrus & tropical fruit

3 Fonteinen Armand & Gaston 2018 6.5% | 35 750ml Bottle
3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston is a blend of one-, two-, and three-year old traditional lambics, all brewed at Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen. 

Abbaye De St. Bon Chien Wild Ale 11% | 40 750ml Bottle
Aged in old wine oak barrels during one year. After the aging period, the different casks are blended together in order to obtain complexity and lots of flavors.

Bruery Terreux Frucht: Raspberry 5% | $8 12oz Bottle
Funky, tart, & earthy berliner weiss

Cisco The Woods: Cranberry 2013 5% | 25 750ml Bottle
Ale aged in oak barrels with cranberries added

Duchesse Cherry Sour Ale 6.8% | 9 11.2oz Bottle
A blend of 1 & 2 year old Duchesse de Bourgogne w/ additional Belgian sour cherries added

Forest & Main Biere De Mars 6.75% | 25 375ml Bottle
German Munich and pilsner malts hopped exclusively with much French Strisselspalt. Fermented and conditioned on the cooler side with their Fall 2018 foraged yeast.

Great Divide BA Hibernation 2014 8.7% | 30 750ml Bottle
Malty richness balanced with a complex hop profile and hearty, warming character- whiskey barrel aged

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter  6% | $6 12oz Bottle
Complex, roasty, & bittersweet

Highway Manor Light Table Beer 4.2% | 8 16.9oz Bottle
Dry & quaffable session sour

Intangible Ales Bad News Brew Farmhouse Ale 5.5% | 20 750ml Bottle
Official beer of The King Khan & BBQ Show. A tart mixed fermentation farmhouse ale brewed with wheat, fresh grated turmeric and fresh mangosteen. Brewed in collaboration with The King Khan & BBQ Show, this beer incorporates a few of their favorite things with a few of ours. We love these guys and the music they create. We think they’re rad. You should too

Intangible Ales Goose Gose 7% | 22 750ml Bottle
A mixed fermentation imperial gose ale brewed with Pennsylvania wheat malt, pink Himalayan salt, coriander and fresh gooseberries. Brewed in collaboration with Toccalmatto.

Lindeman’s Framboise 2.5% | 12 12oz Bottle
Lambic made from local Belgian barley, unsalted wheat, raspberry juice, aged hops, and wild airborne yeast. 

Neshaminy Creek After The Party Irish Stout 3.5% | 6 12oz Can
Sessionable Dry Irish Stout brewed with coffee to nurse you back after those long nights

Oxbow Plum Synth 7.5% | 20 500ml Bottle
Plum Synth is a blend of barrel-aged and stainless-aged mixed-fermentation farmhouse ales aged on Italian plums.

PBC Joe Porter 4.5% | 6 12oz Bottle
Brewed with locally-roasted, organic, coffee from Passero’s Coffee Roasters. Dark Munich and chocolate malts combine to create a well-balanced, flavorful porter with a fresh roasted coffee aroma

PBC Kenzinger 4.5% | $4 12oz Can
Crisp, light-bodied & golden- combines premium German pilsner malts & American Noble hops

PBC Walt Wit 4.5% | 6 12oz Can
Belgian style wheat ale with orange peel, grapefruit peel, chamomile, & coriander

PBC Winter Wünder 6.5% | 6 12oz Bottle
Winter Warmer brewed with a goodly amount of traditional holiday fare – plums, dates, cinnamon, allspice, clove, and a sprinkle of ginger

Plan Bee Beeroo 5.5% | 22 375ml Bottle

Dark wild ale brewed w/ cold pressed local dark malts, fermented on 600# of bittner singer orchars plums, long aged in red wine barrels with shiso.

Russian River Consecration Wild Ale 2017 10% | 22 375ml Bottle
“Dark Ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from local wineries. It is aged for 4 to 8 months with black currants, brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus added to each barrel.”

Russian River Supplication Wild Ale 2019 7.75% | 22 375ml Bottle
“Brown ale aged in Pinot Noir wine barrels for one year with sour cherries, Brettanomyces yeast, and Lactobacillus & Pedicoccus bacteria.”

Saison Dupont Cuvee Dry-Hopping Farmhouse Ale 6.5% | 20 750ml Bottle

For the 2018 edition, Olivier added Styrian Wolf hops—a Slovakian variety known for its exceptional tropical fruit notes—to complement the Saison’s iconic peppery flavor

Schneider Weisse Aventinus Weizen-Doppelbock 8.2% | 9 16.9oz Can
Its sturdy body in combination with its sweet malty aroma is an invitation to profound indulgence – an ingenious blend with a strong body

St. Bernardus Extra 4 Abbey Ale 4.8% | 9 11.2oz Bottle
The sweet fragrance of malt is complemented beautifully by a wide range of refreshing, zesty and floral touches including citrus and cloves with a hint of pepper. This taste bouquet is perfectly balanced by the refined aroma of hops, without suffering from an overload of bitterness. The finish is slightly dry and is, towards the end, accompanied by a fruity touch of citrus.

Strange Roots Harvesta Wild Ale 7% | 15 500ml Bottle
Spontaneously fermented w/ 100% local Gold Rush apples- earthy, funky, slightly sour & bursting w/ apple notes

Strange Roots Ragnarok Wild Ale  8.8% | 15 500ml Bottle
Borrowing the Norse term for the “end of the world”, the Ragnarok is equal parts Strong Ale, Scottish Ale and Viking metal concert. Dark. Smokey. A little on the earthy side. This fruit-based fermentation starts out with a complex sour edge and mellows over time

Stout Rullquin Dark Wild Ale 2017/18 7% | 40 750ml Bottle
Beer of mixed fermentation, the Stout Rullquin is obtained from a blending of 7/8 of Rulles Brune (Stout de Gaume) and 1/8 of a blend of 1 year old lambics (Tilquin), which has matured for 8 months on oak barrels. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, this beer is refermented for 6 months in the bottle.

The Referend Credo Wild Ale 4% | 40 750ml Bottle
Berliner Messe drawn from our most exemplary barrels across four brewing seasons, aged an average of 22 months before a natural refermentation in the bottle.

The Referend Way Of All Flesh Wild Ale 4.5% | 36 750ml Bottle
100% spontaneously fermented ale aged on peaches, plums, cherries, grapes, and black raspberries.

Tilquin Gueuze 2017/18 7% | 20 375ml Bottle
The Oude Gueuze Tilquin à l’ancienne is a blend of 1, 2 and 3 years old lambic refermented in bottle for at least 6 months. “Oude” in flemish or “à l’ancienne” in french is an appellation protected by the EU and is restricted for traditional belgian gueuze in bottle.

Toolbox Unite Expression 5.7% | 18 750ml Bottle
Barrel Aged Wild Ale with hibiscus flowers & La Jolla sea salt

Toolbox Saison Heritage 7% | 30 750ml Bottle
Barrel Aged Sour Saison/Farmhouse Ale – Dry-Hopped with French Bouclier Hops.

Transmitter F3 Brett Farmhouse Ale 5% | 15 500ml Bottle
“Noble bittering & lightly dry hopped with Haullertau Blanc. Fermented with a saison yeast & Brettanomyces that makes it dry, with fruity notes and a funky finish.”

Transmitter G3 Golden Ale 6.1% | 15 500ml Bottle
A traditional Trappist yeast is combined with the addition of American hops to give this beer a complex aroma of stone fruit & citrus

Troegs Jovial Belgian-style Dubbel 7% | 7 12oz Bottle
Dark stone fruit character and evocative notes of toffee, chocolate and molasses

Unibroue Ephemere Wheat Beer 5.5% | 7 12oz Bottle
Golden wheat ale brewed apples. Light, refreshing & delicious

Upland Revive Sour 6% | $12 12oz Bottle
Tart, tropical, & refreshing- with pineapple & chamomile

Victory Golden Monkey Tripel 9.5% | 7 12oz Bottle
Nose is loaded with Belgian yeast character of banana & clove with an equally fruity body balanced with a light, earthy hop character”

White Pony Ankles Breaker Barleywine 10.5% | 10 11.2oz Bottle
Barley wine brewed with rye and US hops, extremely soft in body, with a bittersweet kick of tropical fruits, spices, strawberry, ripe yellow fruits, meringue and candy fruits, ending with a soft balanced bitterness

Wittekerke Wild Witbier 5% | 7 16.9oz Can
Wittekerke Wild is the Ultimate Sour Wit beer.
It is a combination of our famous Wittekerke Wit beer and our Petrus Sours.


Shacksbury Deer Snacks IV 6% | $8 12oz Can
A bone dry cider fermented with wild yeast and featuring wild apples from the lost apple project

Shacksbury The Vermonter 6% | $7 12oz Can
Crafted with friends and local ingredients for a celebration of the place we call home. Aged in Barr Hill Gin barrels and lightly sweetened with a touch of honey, this homegrown cider tastes of Alpine meadows, spring wildflowers, and the Green Mountains themselves


Athletic Hometown Harvest IPA 0.5% | $6 12oz Can
Our Hometown Harvest is our Fall Festival IPA. Back by popular demand. This locally sourced brew is crafted from all CT grown ingredients – Malt from Thrall Family Malts, and hops from Pioneer Hops in the CT Valley. This is a deeply complex and hearty celebration IPA brewed in the fall harvest style

Athletic Run Wild IPA 0.4% | $6 12oz Can
The ultimate session-able IPA. Brewed with a blend of Northwest hops with Citra and Mosaic at the forefront. Body of premium organic malts from US & Germany. Subtle yet complex malt profile

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Dr. Konstantin Frank 2014 | 72btl
Baked red apple, ginger, curd & biscuit notes. Traditional Methode Champenoise | 3.5 yrs aged on lees. One of the best offerings stateside
Finger Lakes, New York

Lacueva Cava Brut Reserva | 10gl / 44btl
A bright little sparkler, youthful, vibrant, elegant and easy. Fresh orange & fig, hints of melon.
Castilla y Leon, Spain

Burja Malvasia 2011 | 15gl / 62btl
Deep golden hue, dizzying aromas of honeysuckle and baked pineapple, nutty Madeira on the finish
Vipava, Slovenia

Mother Rock Chenin Blanc 2018 | 12gl / 54btl
Beeswax, honeycomb, white flowers and charred citrus aromas – intense juicy tropical fruits, vibrant and very alive
Swartland, South Africa

Plani Arche Grechetto 2018 | 12gl / 54btl
100% Grachetto – complex and earthy, spicy stone fruit nose and persistent intense flavors of dried grasses and lees change throughout the bottle
Umbria, Italy

DiGiovanna Rose Nerello Mascalese 2019 | 12gl / 54btl
Pomegranate, citrus wild strawberry and aromatic herbs on the nose with fresh savory finish
Sicily, Italy

Brunn Zweigelt 2018 | 10gl / 50btl (L)
Big Morello cherry upfront – softly textured, crush-able
Kamptal, Austria

Somos Tintito 2017 | 12gl / 54btl
An intriguing blend of 39% Grenache, 27% Touriga Nacional, 24% Tinta Cao, 5% Carignan and 5% Cinsaut from multiple regions. It is a collection of small parcels with different winemaking techniques. Vin de soif, made for easy drinking with interest
Southern Australia

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Stateside 9 | Grey Goose 9 | Ketel One 8 | Zyr 8

Barr Hill 9 | Bluecoat 8 | Bombay 8 | The Botanist 12 | Hendrick’s 10 | Tanqueray 9

Single Prop White Rum 8 | Diplomatico Reserva 11 | Sailor Jerry 8 | Malibu 8 | Bacardi 8

Jimador Blanco 8 | Jimador Reposado 8 | Espolon Blanco 9 | Espolon Reposado 9

Del Maguey Vida 10 | Ilegal 14 

Heaven Hill 6 | Jim Beam 8 | Bulleit 9 | Maker’s Mark 9 | Basil Hayden’s 12 | Knob Creek 11 |
Booker’s 20 | Noah’s Mill 16 | Old Granddad 7 | Old Grandad Bottled in Bond 8 | Bakers 17 | Four Roses 8 | Hudson Valley Baby 16 | New Liberty Bloody Butcher 15 | Rowan’s Creek 11 | Widow Jane 18 | Woodford Reserve 10

Kinsey 4yr 9 | Russel’s Reserve 6yr 13 | Knob Creek Small Batch 10 | Bulleit Rye 9 | Rittenhouse Rye 8 | Overholt Bonded 8

Jameson 9 | Powers 9 | Black Bush 8 | Teeling 11 | Tullamore Dew 9

Dewar’s White Label 8 | Johnny Walker Black 10 | Balvenie 12yr 17 | Glenfiddich 12yr 14 | Laphroaig 10yr 14 | Lagavulin 10yr 25 | Oban 14yr 22 | Talisker 10yr 19

Jack Daniel’s 8 | Stranahan’s 14 | St. George Breaking & Entering 11 | Fireball 8 | Southern Comfort 8 | Crown Royal 9

Laird’s Applejack 8 | Hennessy VSOP 9 | Hennessy VS 10 | Martell Blue Swift 10

Aperol 8 | Carpano Antica 8 | Chartreuse Green 16 | Cynar 8 | Disaronno 9 | Fernet 8 |
Forthave Red Apertivo 10 | Jagermeister 8 | Rowhouse Nordic Akvavit 9 | Rowhouse Standard Amaro 10

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Adult Snow Day | 11
Spiced chocolate mix, hot water, whipped cream
Choice of: Jimador Tequila, Banhez Mezcal, Linfield Whiskey

Glühwein | 11
Merlot, Winter spices, Old Granddad Bonded Bourbon

Proper Irish coffee | 11
Jameson’s Caskmates Stout Edition, Ultimo coffee, heavy cream, simple

Tap Room Toddy | 10
Linfield Whiskey, spiced brown sugar simple, hot water

Warmer Days | 11
Single Prop Rum, Eda Rhyne Oscura Amaro, spiced brown sugar simple, hot water

Another Margarita Monday
 | 11
Altos Plata Tequila, triple sec, lime, hibiscus

Don’t Feed The Pears | 12
Single Prop Rum, lime, spiced pear simple

No! Such Is Mango | 11
Banhez Mezcal, triple sec, mango, lime

Not Quite A Million Peaches | 11
New Liberty Whiskey, Lemon, Peach, Ginger

Passyunk Punch | 11
Stateside Vodka, Port, Pineapple, Cranberry, Pomegranate Molasses

Remember Summer? (sangria) | 11
Chardonnay, Single Prop White Rum, Blueberry, Mango, Peach, Pineapple, Strawberry

The OG Refresher | 10
Old German American Lager, Aperol, Lemon

What’s A Hard Seltzer? | 10
Stateside Vodka, soda
Choice of: Blueberry, Mango, Peach, Strawberry


Deviled Egg | 2
Horseradish, Lancaster smoked cheddar, gherkin

Deviled Egg 6pack | 10
Horseradish, Lancaster smoked cheddar, gherkin

Fries | 6

Honey Serrano Sweet Potatoes | 7
Roasted split sweet potato, Serrano Honey Butter, Toasted Pepitas, Queso Fresco, Chive, Scallion

Warm Tuscan White Bean Dip | 8
Cannelini beans, parmesan, sun-dried tomato, aged balsamic, & herbed focaccia

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 Southern Fried, sweet mustard (vegan)

Boneless breaded chicken, house cranberry sauce

Wings | 12
BBQ, Buffalo Lager, or Sweet Mustard

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Brussels sprouts | 10
Maple-dijon glaze, pecans (vegan)

Fall Harvest Salad | 13
Luciano kale, mixed greens, roasted Green Meadow squash, roasted sweet potato, red onion, raw broccoli, diced pears, Danish Blue Cheese, pickled currants, pepitas with lemon vinaigrette

Roasted Broccoli | 8
Broccoli stem Italian salsa verde, parmesan

Taproom Caesar | 13
Baby gem, grilled radicchio, boquerones, cured yolks, focaccia croutons, parmesan
+chicken 5 | +fried jackfruit 5

Tomato Lager Soup | 8
Focaccia crouton, extra virgin olive oil (vegan)

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Mac & Cheese | 9
 SPTR Classic 
+jalapeno 1 | +bacon 2 | +roni jam 4 | +grilled chicken 5

Cranberry Balsamic Chicken | 16
Roasted chicken thighs, cranberry balsamic sauce, over fall hash

Trio Chicken Tinga Tostados| 13
Refried local squash, chipotle tomato rice chicken, avocado crema, queso fresco, radish, cilantro

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Fries, Salad, or Caesar salad (+3)

Burger | 16
Rineer Family Farm grass-fed beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, & dill pickles 
+extra cheese 1 | +bacon 2 | +roni jam 4

Cheesesteak | 17
Chopped Braised Beef Cheek & Rib Eye Steak, Fontina Parm Wiz, Red Wine Caramelized Onion, House pickled Peppers with salt and pepper fries 

Chicago Jackfruit | 14
Italian seasoned braised jackfruit, hot giardiniera, spicy mustard on an au jus dipped seeded roll 
+provolone 1

SPTR Four-Cheese Grilled Cheese | 13
Cup tomato lager soup
+tomato 1 | +bacon 2 | +roni jam 4 

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Fried PB&J | 8
Classic with Rineer Farms Seasonal Jam

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Served Saturday & Sunday
11am – 3pm


Deviled Egg | 2
Horseradish, Lancaster smoked cheddar, gherkin

Deviled Egg 6pack | 10
Horseradish, Lancaster smoked cheddar, gherkin

Breakfast Meats | 5
Choice of: Pork Roll, Turkey Sausage, Veggie Sausage

Fries or Home-fries (onions & peppers) | 6

KFJackfruit | 11
 Southern Fried, sweet mustard (vegan)

Wings | 12
BBQ, Buffalo Lager, or Sweet Mustard

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Egg Toast | 10
Country White, local bacon, horseradish-cheddar egg salad, radish, wild arugula with green salad

Churro French Toast Bites | 9
Cinnamon-sugar challah, maple glaze

Fried PB&J | 8
Classic with Rineer Farms seasonal jam

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Two Egg Breakfast | 11
Up, Over, or Scramble. Home-fries, toast

Veggie Scramble | 12
Broccoli, cherry tomato, red onion (sub tofu scramble)

Breakfast Mac | 12
House Mac & cheese, breakfast sausage, Country Time Bacon, topped with two eggs
+home-fries 3

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Taproom Caesar | 13
Baby gem, grilled radicchio, boquerones, cured yolks, focaccia croutons, parmesan
+chicken 5 | +fried jackfruit 5

Fall Harvest Salad | 13
Luciano kale, mixed greens, roasted Green Meadow squash, roasted sweet potato, red onion, raw broccoli, diced pears, Danish Blue Cheese, pickled currants, pepitas with lemon vinaigrette

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Home-fries w/ onions & peppers or Salad

Breakfast Burger | 18
Rineer Family Farms grass-fed beef, Country Time bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg

Southern Monte Cristo | 14
Grilled French toast, pork roll, & cheddar topped with sunny egg, mornay on the side

Breakfast Tacos| 11
Egg scramble, jalapeno, tomato, & shredded cheese on corn tortillas
+bacon, turkey sausage, or tempeh 4

BELT | 13
Grilled Country White, Country Time bacon, fried egg, sweet mustard (sub veggie sausage & tofu for vegan)

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Bellini | 9
Cava, peach schnapps

Bloody Mary / Maria | 9
House mix

Proper Irish coffee | 11
Jameson’s Caskmates Stout Edition, Ultimo coffee, heavy cream, simple

Mimosa | 8
Cava, OJ