Belgian Beer & Frites (round 2)
Wednesday, August 20th, 5pm - until we run out of food and beer

We'll load up the taps with all the great Belgian-born beer we can find - sours, abbey styles, new-fangled American-inspired creations, and more. And there (definitely!) will be Frites, a whole menu full of them. Check twitter (@SPTaproom) and back here for more beer and food details.


Allagash Clam Fest
Wednesday, September 10th, food at 5pm, special guests at 7:30pm

We heart Allagash. So naturally, when Allagash's owner and founder Rob Tod comes to visit, we get excited. Chef Scott's going all out and creating a special menu for our special guest. Think - stuffed clams, raw clams, steamed clams, pork & clams, and more. Expect great Allagash draughts like Confluence, Interlude, Victor and Victoria, Fluxus, and more. Check back here and via twitter (@SPTaproom) for food and beer menu details.