Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 3pm

Deviled Eggs | 2 ea V  GF
Horseradish, Lancaster smoked cheddar & gherkin

Marinated Olives | 6 V+
Citrus herb marinated

Spiced Maple Nuts | 5, V  GF

Fries or Homefries | 6  V+  GF
House made ketchup

Pickles | 5 V+  GF
Housemade seasonal giardiniera

Breakfast Meats | 5  
Choice of: Country Time Bacon, Turkey Scrapple,
Vegan Sausage, Maple Smoked Tempeh

Silver Dollar Pancakes | 5
Rineer Farms Seasonal Jam

Wings | 11
Bourbon pepper BBQ, Buffalo lager drizzled with bleu cheese, or Veggie with vegan buffalo ranch

Avocado Toast | 12

Pumpernickel, pickled onion, sunny egg, SPTR Everything Bagel Spice (sub tofu scramble)

Egg Toast | 10
Multigrain, Country Time Farms bacon, horseradish-cheddar egg salad, radish, wild arugula

Vegan Lox Platter | 13 V+
Carrot lox, dill cream cheese, everything bagel

French Toast | 9 V
Frosted Flake crust, seasonal compote

Vegan Chicken & Waffles | 13 V+
Fried seitan, French toast waffle, peppercorn syrup

Wild Boar Benedict | 15

House focaccia, wild boar, hollandaise

Turkey Scrapple Benedict | 13

House made scrapple, focaccia, hollandaise

Two Egg Breakfast   | 11
Up, Over, or Scramble. Homefries, toast

Summer Scramble | 12
Corn, zucchini, tomato (sub tofu scramble)

Breakfast Mac | 12
House mac & cheese, breakfast sausage, bacon,
topped with two eggs (add homefries +3)

Porterhouse & Eggs | 19
Grilled 12oz Country Time Farm’s Pork Chop,
sweet corn polenta, two eggs sunnyside up

fries or salad

BELT | 13
Grilled Multigrain, Country Time Farms bacon,

fried egg, basil aioli (sub tempeh)

SPTR Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese | 12 V

Cup tomato lager soup

Breakfast Burger | 15
Rineer Family Farms grass-fed beef, bacon,

Cooper sharp, fried egg, side of hollandaise

Green Goddess Chicken Salad | 13
Onion poppy brioche, avocado, young greens


Bellini | 9
Cava, peach schnapps

Bloody Mary / Maria | 9
Smoked sea salt, assorted pickled vegetables

Mimosa | 8
Cava, oj


Fried PB&J | 8 V
Classic with Rineer Farms Seasonal Jam

Lancaster Sweet Corn Panna Cotta | 9 GF
Blueberry compote, pistachio, basil

V+ : Vegan V: Vegetarian